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Idea for … balcony and terrace

Idea for ... balcony and terrace

Do it yourself … or how to give new life to old tiles step by step …

Using a photo report from an amazing implementation of one of our clients, we will present you a way in which you will be able to refresh the look of already bored tiles in your own home without the help of a professional and much effort.

What will we need?

  • primer paint – any latex primer emulsion
  • reusable stencil – here we used the ‘Valetta‘ pattern from the Nakleo Tile Collection series
  • chalk paint – it works perfectly in this role, although it is usually used for furniture renovation
  • polyurethane varnish – the varnish layer will make the pattern resistant to abrasion and weather conditions
  • painting tape – thanks to it we will keep the stencil in place while painting

Surface cleaning

The first step is to thoroughly clean the surface on which we are going to work. Care must be taken not to leave the slightest dirt or any residue as this may have a negative effect on the final result.

Thorough priming

Another important step is the priming of the surface by applying a base paint. In order for the pattern to be durable, it should be done very carefully, preferably by repeating it 2 or 3 times and allowing the surface to dry thoroughly. Good substrate preparation is the key to success.

Painting the pattern

When the surface is ready for further operation, apply the pattern by covering the stencil with a small amount of paint using a foam roller or a brush with soft bristles. We do it gently and without rush. Each of us will strive for perfection at this stage, but remember that imperfection is also beauty! We guarantee that they will add flavor to the finished composition.

Surface protection

After completing the stenciling, it is time to seal and protect it. The entire surface should be scrupulously covered with varnish, ensuring that there are no ecchymoses and repeat the process at least twice. We leave it to dry for 24 hours between applying each layer. Polyurethane varnish will smooth and seal the intricately created work and protect it against the effects of atmospheric and mechanical factors.

The final result

The only thing left at the end is to share the final effect with us and feast your eyes on this handmade work.

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