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DIY techniques – scrapbooking

Reusable Craft – Scrapbooking Stencil // ROSES

A real treat for creative people. An imaginative and relaxing way to spend your free time. Artistic hobby. This is how you can describe the popular method of crafts which is scrapbooking. In today’s post, we will present you what this technique is, how to start working with it and why it is worth to use painting stencils.


What is scrapbooking?


Scrapbooking is nothing more than combining various techniques, colors, patterns, decorations, materials and textures. Thanks to this, artistic works can be created on simple objects – photo albums, boxes, greeting cards, invitations and many, many others. The very name scrapbooking is a combination of the words scrap and book, which can be translated as scrap album. The tradition of using this method comes from the United States, where housewives created family chronicles in the form of decorated albums. It can therefore be concluded that the first scrapbook works were a great improvisation of materials, decorations or cutouts from things that were at the hand of these creative ladies. Today, scrapbooking is not limited to photo albums. Currently, you can use this method to decorate various items that can become wonderful carriers of memories, and when creating them, we are only limited by our imagination!


Scrapbooking – how to start?


You should start your scrapbooking adventure with basic stationery, but also with an open imagination. After all, it’s about being creative and having a good time, and maybe even developing a new hobby. It also all depends on what plan we have for the decoration. If you are creating a photo album, you will need its base on which to work. In addition, colored papers, scissors and glue will be required. Then you can think about ribbons, ribbons, laces, rhinestones, stamps and other materials that will reflect the best, closest to us style of work. One of such additions can also be a reusable plastic stencil!


Why is it worth using a painting stencil for scrapbooking?


A plastic stencil can be a great complement to work with the use of the scrapbooking method. It is an alternative for people whose drawing skills are at a slightly lower level. The combination of the available palette of colors and patterns will be a unique addition to the created work. In addition, our stencils can be used to trace outlines for cutouts and you can do so as many times as you want. After all, a Moroccan clover doesn’t have to be made of just one type of paper! The stencil can also be used to draw shapes and then fill the pattern with any decorative materials. Roses filled with dried flower petals and leaves? Button sprockets? Why not!


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