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Three quick ways to make Easter decorations with painting stencils

Easter is fast approaching. Many ready-made decorations are widely available around the market. Colorful Easter eggs, willow twigs, yellow chicken figures, Easter greeting cards or chocolate bunnies have taken over the store shelves and they will stay with us for a few more days. The choice is huge, but we can’t always find decorations that we would like. In this case, it’s best to use your skills and create something yourself! Read our article, in which we will present you three quick ways to make Easter decorations using reusable plastic stencils.


# 1 Let’s start with Easter cards.


Three quick ways to make Easter decorations with painting stencils

Greetings are a unique gesture towards a close person. With them we convey many warm and kind words that are to express care, interest and attention towards our loved ones. Presenting them in the form of a handmade Easter card will additionally emphasize our feelings. How can you decorate it? Of course with the help of painting stencils! The easiest way is to repaint the pattern with paints, pastes or crayons. Colorful paintings will surely look unique. If you want to go for something more exceptional try using the scrapbooking technique. The template can be used to outline contours for cut-outs or to fill patterns with various decorative materials. With an Easter card prepared this way, our greetings will become even more special and the recipient will certainly appreciate our work and heart put into the project!


# 2 Decorate the table!


An Easter card prepared in advance can also become an invitation to feast at the family table. A properly selected tablecloth or runner will highlight each tableware. However, just a white table setting will not create a cozy, festive atmosphere. For this you will need additional touches, after all, a festive Easter meal, in addition to a special menu, should also have appropriate decorations! Once again, we can use well-known stencils here. A self-made tablecloth will effectively emphasize the symbolism of the event. All you need to do is use a white, clean tablecloth, a template with selected pattern, a stiff brush or sponge brush and paint suitable for painting on fabrics. Chalk, latex and acrylic paints will perfectly do the job. Thanks to this, we will get a colorful range of Easter eggs, bunnies, chickens and other Easter symbols. Any dish will look very festive on such a table setting!

Three quick ways to make Easter decorations with painting stencils


# 3 And when the table is set, you need to put something delicious on it…


Three quick ways to make Easter decorations with painting stencils

Easter is also a time of delicious and sweet pastries and traditional desserts. It is worth emphasizing their unique taste with an even more festive look. Here too, painting stencils will come in handy, although this time we will not use them for painting! Smaller patterns, such as Easter eggs or bunnies from the ‘Easter‘ Arts&Crafts Collection stencil will be perfect as contours for decorating cakes with powdered sugar, colored sprinkles or frosting. Thanks to this, during the lazy hours at the family table, sweet desserts will please not only our palates, but also our eyes, tempting us even more to try them.


We already encourage you to start Easter preparations. Happy fun guaranteed! Check out our Easter stencils that will make your work easier.


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