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4 Easy Hints How to Stencil Wooden Tissue Box

4 Hints How to Stencil Wooden Tissue Box

How to decorate a wooden tissue box with stencils?

The colorful boxes in which the tissues are packed, are always an eyecatcher on store shelves. They come in a variety of tints, shapes, and motifs. However, they have one disadvantage – they are disposable! Thanks to our guide, you will see that a wooden tissue box, apart from its practical and multiple use, can also be a unique decoration! After all, self-prepared home decoration is always the most enjoyable. In particular, if it is made in such a way that it perfectly matches your interior design!

4 Hints How to Stencil Wooden Tissue Box

You will need it:

  • DIY & scrapbooking stencils
  • acrylic paints
  • wooden tissue box
  • sandpaper
  • colorless acrylic varnish
  • sponge brushes
  • natural bristle brushes
  • cloth
  • disposable gloves, paint tray, water

Start with preparing the materials:

Have you already chosen the right tools? Great! It’s time to move on to the preliminary preparation of the tissue box. First, clean the wooden surface with the use of fine sandpaper to smooth it out and get rid of any unevenness. Once you have finished sanding, wipe the entire box surface with a damp cloth to remove all the dust formed.

4 Hints How to Stencil Wooden Tissue Box

Paint the wooden tissue box

4 Hints How to Stencil Wooden Tissue Box

With the surface prepared in this way, you can proceed to painting the tissue box. To make this step, we chose two shades from our paint sets: ‘Deep Sea’ and ‘Galaxy Blue’. Cover the entire box precisely with the lighter color. Once dry, you can move on to making an additional, darker line at the tissue box bottom. It will be a great base for golden ornaments. Make it the widthways of the decorating brush (approx. 2 cm).


Make ornaments

After painting, it’s high time to make the ornaments. We will need stencils for scrapbooking: ‘Corners’ and ‘Mini Border Set’, and also ‘Pale Gold’ paint. Attach the stencil to the tissue box with the use of masking tape. With such detailed patterns, you should use the appropriate painting technique – apply as little paint as possible to the brush and cover the pattern with several layers. This will prevent unwanted dripping paint under the stencil.

4 Hints How to Stencil Wooden Tissue Box

Correct and secure the pattern

4 Hints How to Stencil Wooden Tissue Box

Once dry, you can start making minor corrections. Cover all unwanted elements with the use of a brush. When the effect is satisfying enough, move on to the last stage – securing the work done. To that end, use a colorless acrylic varnish. When it’s completely dry, you can enjoy a new, self-prepared decoration for your interior!

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