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Ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day at home

Ideas for the perfect Valentine's Day at home

Love, friendship, candles, romantic time with the beloved – these and many other aspects are associated with the annual lovers celebration. Do you think that a romantic dinner for two is one of the most hackneyed ideas to spend Valentine’s Day? Nothing could be more wrong! Instead of an expensive restaurant, bet on a cozy interior arrangement in Valentine’s style! Original decorations and a handmade gift straight from the heart are all you need! In the following blog, you will not only find some ideas for the perfect gift for a loved one, but also delve into the tradition and history behind this special day. Get inspired and make your sweetheart happy!

Valentine’s Fun Facts

The origins of the International Valentine’s Day tradition date back to the Middle Ages. This custom was widespread in southern and western Europe, and nowadays it’s celebrated in almost every corner of the world. This annual event takes place on February 14 and is named after St. Valentine. One of the most famous customs of this holiday is giving loved ones love declarations on cards or letters. Despite many similarities, this day is celebrated in many different ways, depending on the country and its culture. In the USA, Saint Valentine’s Day, as well as other holidays, is celebrated very sumptuously. Paper hearts and flowers are scattered everywhere. In Germany, however, predictions and wish fulfillment are very popular. It is also worth adding that Italy is considered to be the capital of the magical lovers holiday. It is also where the engagement day is celebrated, and the shades that symbolize love are primarily red and gold.

Ideas for the perfect Valentine's Day at home
Ideas for the perfect Valentine's Day at home

Valentine’s Day card

The most associated tradition with Valentine’s Day is giving presents to loved ones. According to research, love letters are the most frequently chosen gift. Will you bet on buying ready-made cards? Or maybe you will create an original gift yourself? Nothing is as special as a handmade present, and preparing it is easier than you might think! In our wide range you will find a stencil designed for individual styling of personalized cards. Paint the pattern with glitter paints, and fill the center with a magical love declaration. Ready! You’re not a fan of letter writing? We have a great alternative for you! Thanks to our stencils, you can turn a classic photo frame into a unique souvenir in no time. On this particular day, it is worth giving presents not only to your loved one, but also to your closest friends or family. A hand-decorated bedding or a mug is an equally unique and original gift.

Valentine’s Interior

Do you already have a little gift for your “other half”? It’s high time to decorate the interior! Surprise your loved one and make a unique decor metamorphosis! There is nothing more romantic than a dinner for two at home. Bet on a garland of paper hearts! On our website you will find a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to make such a universal ornament. The whole arrangement will be perfectly complemented by a table runner or tablecloth full of candy motifs, and the expressive shades of red will additionally emphasize the unique interior character. Scented candles, scattered rose petals, and self-decorated lanterns will also be a great idea. Get carried away by your imagination! Let the magical atmosphere of Valentine’s Day come to your home!

Ideas for the perfect Valentine's Day at home

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