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Stencils in a child’s room

Stencils in a child's room

Everyone wants their child to be full of joy and enthusiasm. After all, a toddler’s smile is the most beautiful gift that comes from being a parent. How to bring happiness to your child’s face? Children’s Day is fast approaching! Make him happy and take care of his kingdom decor! A properly decorated interior has many practical functions, and above all, it stimulates the child’s creativity, which is so important in its development. Our stencils will let you conjure up a friendly space where your child will be able to learn and play every day! Such fabulous motifs will delight even the most demanding toddler. Below you will find some of the most useful tips that will definitely make this task easier for you. We invite you!


Children’s themed rooms are magical spaces where their infinite imagination flourishes. It is a place where fantasy and dreams become reality. How to arrange such an interior? The first step is to choose a motif. This idea is to arrange a room inspired by a specific fairy tale, place or passion and interests of your child. A little astronaut fascinated by a space adventure among planets and stars? A fairy journey to a magical forest full of fantastic creatures? Or maybe exploring the underwater world full of colorful fish and cute dolphins? The possibilities are endless! Our wide range will certainly meet even the greatest requirements of both boys and girls. Just a few simple steps and creative stencils from the Nakleo Kids Collection are enough to liven up any space and create a unique child’s room.

Stencils in a child's room
Stencils in a child's room


Taking into account the wall’s colors is one of the most important elements of arranging a child’s room. It is here that an unlimited range of possibilities opens up to you! Shades are the key to expressing emotions and creating a cozy environment around each little one. A child’s room should be clearly divided into three most important zones. In a place intended for crazy games, there should definitely be intense colors that develop the talent, fantasies, and dreams of every child. The learning zone should be a bit simpler in decoration and have more subdued tints. Then, focusing on development and learning won’t be a problem! Rest is an equally important part of the child’s room. It is worth using soft, calming colors here, so that the toddler can relax and regenerate after intense play and learning. A properly arranged interior affects the child’s well-being and promotes the generation of positive emotions. Let your imagination run wild and create a perfect space for your little one!


The art room encourages creative self-expression through drawing and painting. The Nakleo Creative Kids series is an excellent alternative to standard solutions, created with the development of every toddler in mind. Drawing pictures of various levels of complexity in the blink of an eye will improve children’s motor and manual skills. Thanks to the originality of stencils, painting with paints or crayons will no longer be a problem, but an ideal entertainment for many long hours. A wide range of motifs will make your toddler find something for himself! There are 8 different designs in each set. Creative stencils are also a great way to build family bonds. Parents can design and arrange a room together with their little one, engaging in the whole creative process and spending valuable time together.

Stencils in a child's room
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