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How to stencil: vintage flower box

How to stencil: vintage flower box

A decorative box for sundries is one of the basic decorative elements of any arrangement. See for yourself that such an ordinary box for trinkets doesn’t have to be boring! Decorate them with stencils and display them in the heart of your home. Self-decorating items is an extremely popular work that is gaining more and more popularity as an excellent alternative to buying new, often expensive decorations. In today’s post, we will present ideas and inspirations for decorating a box in a vintage style to give it a unique look and create an original decor for storing your favorite souvenirs. Let’s roll!

How to stencil: vintage flower box


  • stencil from the Nakleo Arts&Crafts Collection
  • smooth sponge brushes
  • acrylic paints
  • wooden box
  • sandpaper
  • masking tape
  • clear wood varnish
  • cloth
  • painting tray
  • paint roller or brush
  • disposable gloves
TIP #1


The first step is to find a suitable box that will serve as our substrate. You can decide to buy a new one or restore an old one, giving it a second life. You have to level the wooden surface with sandpaper and thoroughly clean it with a damp cloth from all the dust. Then you will get rid of any unevenness, and the decor will look even more spectacular. Before painting, you should also pay attention to whether the paints are appropriate for such work. Remember to make sure that they can be used on wooden surfaces and that their coverage is sufficient for us.

How to stencil: vintage flower box
TIP #2


How to stencil: vintage flower box

The vintage style is a magical journey through time and a unique way to revive any arrangement. Such a unique combination of classics and elegance constantly inspires us to create quirky decorations. Subtle floral patterns and delicate pastels are the key elements of this trend. Right here you can use beautiful motifs with flowers, birds, or geometric patterns in any composition. A way-out mix of colors or a more subdued combination of basic shades with a hint of madness? The choice is yours! Have you already stocked up with all the necessary tools and have chosen the right composition? Attach the stencil to the surface using masking tape and proceed to the most pleasant stage of the whole work – painting!

TIP #3


To make a decor on a wooden surface, the tapping method works best. This technique consists in gently tapping the surface that we are painting. Here, smooth sponge brushes or a flat brush will be the perfect choice. Thanks to this procedure, we will obtain a smooth transition between colors in the form of mist or smoke. Remember to cover the pattern with several thin layers. Then you will get complete coverage and avoid unaesthetic paint dripping under the sheet. After tapping, gently tear off the stencil and leave the decor to dry completely. Finally, protect the pattern with a special wood varnish so that you can enjoy the way-out decoration for many years. Done!

How to stencil: vintage flower box

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