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How to stencil: folk ornament handbag

How to stencil: folk ornament handbag

One of the most creative ways to change the classic, charmless handbag is to use stencils. It’s the perfect tool for those who want to add unique patterns and details without having professional level artistic skills. Available in a variety of designs and motifs, they allow innovative visions to be brought to the surface. Highlander decors are back in trend – they can be seen more and more often in fashion stylizations and interior arrangements. Inspiration drawn from traditional highlander clothes can be an extremely unique decoration, especially when it comes to fabrics or wooden accents. Customize the pattern according to your own style! The smooth cotton handbag is the perfect surface on which to express your creativity and feel like a real artist. Thanks to this, you will combine practicality with aesthetics, creating something distinctive!

How to stencil: folk ornament handbag


  • stencil from the Nakleo Arts&Crafts Collection
  • smooth sponge brushes
  • acrylic paints
  • a cotton handbag
  • masking tape
  • painting tray
  • disposable gloves
  • iron
  • baking paper
TIP #1


The first, and most important, step is the correct preparation of the surface to be painted. Then the decor will look aesthetically pleasing. Start by washing the cotton handbag, preferably at a low temperature, to get rid of any dirt. Remember not to use softener – this way the paint will hold on the surface much better and our decor will look phenomenal. Now it’s time to choose a pattern. Listen to your heart’s voice and bet on your favorite motif! Traditional folk ornament, directly related to the Polish mountains and highlander culture? Are you a lover of nature and plant patterns? Or maybe slightly more abstract, geometric inspirations appeal to you more? Everyone will find something for themselves in our wide range!

How to stencil: folk ornament handbag
TIP #2


How to stencil: folk ornament handbag

Attach the stencil to the surface with masking tape and proceed to the most pleasant stage of the whole work – painting! Choose a paint that will match the bag by creating a contrast or harmonizing with its color. Softly apply the paint to the stencil using smooth sponge brushes and the taping method. This technique involves gently tapping the surface you are painting. This procedure will result in a smooth transition between colors in the form of a mist or smokiness. Remember that the less the better – it will be more advantageous to apply several thin coats of paint than one thick one, to avoid smearing the pattern and leaking emulsion under the stencil.

TIP #3


Once the decor is thoroughly dry, remember to precisely protect the design. The best way to do this will be to press it with an iron and baking paper. Then our pattern will be resistant to any damage and ready for use, as well as possible cleaning. Decorating a cotton handbag with stencils is not only a great fun, but also a way to create an original handmade item. You can express your creativity, experiment with different shades and patterns, and create something that is unique and full of character. You can use the finished handbag as a stylish addition to your daily outfits or give it as a personalized gift to a loved one.

How to stencil: folk ornament handbag

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