Ideas and Inspirations

Trends for spring 2024 – interior design with reusable painting stencils

Spring brings not only the rebirth of nature but also new inspirations for our interiors. You can make these changes using our reusable painting stencils! This year, like nature after winter slumber, interior design trends seem closer to nature than ever before. It will be cozy, natural, and timeless! The concept of luxury will be redefined, discover the potential of warm and deep colors, fall in love with imperfections and once again turn towards nature. Do you want to carry out a spring renovation? Or perhaps you’re tempted to make some light cosmetic changes around you? Check out what’s trendy, explore interior design possibilities, and make changes!

Timeless Scandinavia and natural wood for spring’s refresh

The Scandinavian style has been at the top for several years now, and it’s completely understandable because it’s one of those trends which love natural colors, wood, and delicacy. Over the years and the development of this interior design style, a certain imperfection has become not just acceptable but even desirable. One could say that through evolution, the Scandinavian style has become less strict, and imperfect additions are now desired as an effective contrast to the prevailing order. Painting stencils can be used here as a strong accent which will highlight the character of the interior. Because we are becoming less afraid of blending styles, it’s worth considering using geometric patterns as they work great as a central decoration in a room. Gone are the days when we had to strictly adhere to the guidelines of a particular style! With our stencils, you can easily create a unique decoration that brings a breath of fresh air to the arranged space. Another great way to refresh your interior for spring is to use landscape stencils on everyday items you have around you.

Japandi as a modern fusion of styles

The new trend for this spring in interior design is the Japandi style – a combination of traditional Japanese patterns with Scandinavian minimalism. It’s not just a way to decorate a home, but a true philosophy of life focusing on simplicity, functionality, and harmony with nature. Using natural materials such as wood and rattan, combined with muted colors like white, grey, and beige, is the essence of Japandi. This elegant combination creates a unique atmosphere in rooms, perfect for spring days. In our offer, you’ll find stencils that will refresh any interior beautifully. Many of these products fit perfectly into the Japandi trend, making arrangement easier! In the Japandi style, it’s not just about furniture and basic elements, but also about carefully chosen accessories and arrangements that emphasize its character. Opting for minimalist yet carefully selected pieces can introduce subtle accents to the space. Handcrafted ceramics with simple, organic shapes are an excellent choice as they add a delicate charm to the surrounding space. You can also choose fabrics with a natural texture, such as linen or cotton, which will blend perfectly into this style.

Rich ornamentation vs. modest interiors

Next to the natural colors like beige, browns, greens, or soft whites, gold also presents itself beautifully. It can be a subtle addition in the form of gold frames, candle holders, or small ornaments, but it can also be a bold choice as the main color scheme. Undoubtedly, the boho style shines with full splendor among natural arrangements with gold, especially this season. There’s perhaps no other style that offers as many arrangement possibilities as boho does. Additionally, contrasting colors can be a daring design element, used as accents or even as the main theme of the arrangement. With our stencils, you can easily create a unique decoration that refreshes the interior design. Simply choose an interesting motif and apply it to various surfaces. For example, bottle green can add depth and character to a room, especially when paired with shades of gold. Reds, navies, or deep purples are also colors that can create striking contrasts, bringing energy and dynamism to the interior.