simply the art of decorating


The art deco style brings to mind an elegant interior full of richness and luxury. A mixture of different era furniture with selected, highest quality utility items perfectly match it. The walls being the final touch, decorated with geometric motifs or figured plant elements. The composition should be complemented by fine golden details.
harmony and perfection


The decorative circle, considered aa a symbol of harmony and perfection, comes from the Hindu tradition, where the name means 'the wheel of life, the whole world, the holy circle'. The classic oriental pattern fits both an elegant modern interior and a place decorated in a more rustic style.
colorful childhood


Nothing can replace the heart and handwork put into decorating a dream room for a child. Thanks to the variety of available patterns and decorating techniques, your only limit is your imagination.
not only the kitchen and bathroom


Thanks to the use of stencils and various decorating techniques, the patterns reserved so far for ceramic tiles will fit perfectly into almost all rooms. Ideally suited to both the living room or hall, as well as large office spaces.
a geometrically perfect world


Perfect for shaping space and order. Thanks to geometric patterns, you can optically expand or raise the interior and give it a unique spatial arrangement. No modern arrangement will do without geometric designs on the walls, furniture or fabrics.

Our Reusable Plastic Stencils for Arts, Crafts & DIY

Made of durable plastic, reusable painting stencils are a grat tool for interior decoration, furniture renovation, artistic projects or creating all kinds of handicrafts. Our designers always make sure that newly introduced patterns are refined down to the smallest detail, focusing not on the number of available designs, but on their originality and aesthetics.


A Multitude of Decorating Techniques

Reusable painting stencils are a great tool for creating additions to any type of interior design – from retro to modern. They are perfect for painting the pattern on walls, tiles, furniture, wood, glass, canvas, fabrics or any other objects with a flat surface. You can fill the templates with concrete, decorative plasters, structural pastes, or use them for smaller handicraft jobs, making greeting cards or creating decorations using decoupage and scrapbooking techniques.


Our Collections

For your convenience and better transparency, we have divided our range into various collections depending on their style and purpose. You will find individual patterns, imitations of wallpapers, ceramic tiles or stencils intended for children, along with accessories such as: bristle brushes, sponge brushes or thick acrylic paints.

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The Color of the Year 2024

The American Pantone Institute, in line with more than 60 years of tradition, announced Peach Fuzz 13-1023 as the Color of the Year 2024.
This subtle peach shade, combining the energy of orange with the softness of pink, is a symbol of comfort, security, warmth and relaxation.
Let yourself be carried away by the latest trends and create your dream oasis of peace in your own home using paint stencils!
The versatility of the color peach and our stencils allow you to create a variety of arrangements from the more subdued, classic to the more bold, elegant and modern.

Ideas & Inspirations

On our blog you will find many interesting tips on how to combine stencils with various decorating techniques and inspiring projects from our customers.

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