Walls can be arranged in many ways, and the only limit is our imagination. Do you like out of the box solutions? And this time we have something special for you! Don’t limit yourself to the classic paint and brush. Trust your creative abilities! Our stencils will also be perfect in conjunction with decorative concrete or decorative plaster. What is it exactly and in what interior can it be utilized? What should you pay special attention to? We invite you to read today’s post!

decorative concrete

Decorative Concrete - Characteristics

Decorative concrete – what is worth knowing about it? It is a special plaster mass with which you will create a unique decor on any surface. After all, not only smooth walls look chic and elegant. The application of concrete is, contrary to appearances, child’s play, and the mass itself has many advantages. Do your walls have delicate cavities that ordinary paint can’t cover? Decorative concrete is an easy way to renew it! The thickness of this structure will let you optically even out all the irregularities on the wall. It is also worth mentioning the resistance to weather conditions. Concrete is immune to any mechanical damage, so you can safely use it in your garden. Durability combined with aesthetics are definitely the greatest advantages of this product. Want to get an amazing interior look without the need to hire professionals? Decorative concrete is all you need!

What kind of interiors does it fit into?

Decorative concrete is a material that is catching on popularity among interior designers. Its raw, rough, and industrial look gives the rooms a modern character. Decorative plaster will be perfect both in the bedroom or living room, as well as in the bathroom. However, it is worth remembering that its use should be carefully thought out so as not to overwhelm the room. The loft interior arrangement will be complemented by wooden beams and red brick, additionally introducing a hint of the timeless retro trend. It is worth reviving such a raw look with accessories. Thick blankets, curtains, decorative pillows, and other textiles will come in handy here. Apply oriental motifs and vivid colors using stencils and paint. No one will be indifferent to such a unique arrangement!

decorative concrete
decorative concrete

The most popular patterns

By far the biggest advantage of stencils and decorative concrete are endless creative possibilities. The wall’s appearance can be perfectly matched to the character of the whole interior. What patterns go best with concrete? Every day we receive from you photos of the implementation of our stencils, made with decorative plaster. The vast majority of you decide to combine it with a mandala motif. The combination of oriental patterns with such a raw mass on the wall is a unique solution that will add an original character to any room. Exotic design is, above all, precision and richness of colors. In addition to mandalas, we also include tropical plant elements and more modern, geometric compositions. This unobvious duo lets you achieve an extraordinary effect that will attract attention and delight every guest.

How to lay decorative concrete?

Unlimited creative possibilities are definitely the biggest advantage of decorative plaster. Making a stencil with it is easier than it may seem at first glance, thanks to which you will save additionally on hiring professionals. The most important step in creating a decoration is to thoroughly clean the surface of any dirt. Then, we will be sure that our decor will stick well. There are many methods of using decorative concrete on stencils. The choice of one of them depends only on what end result you want to achieve. The one most often chosen by you consists in gluing the stencil to the surface and applying mass on it. Then, the pattern painted on the wall will be convex. Another way is to imprint the stencil in the previously applied material. The selected pattern then looks unusual and is even more eye-catching. Before starting work, it is worth getting acquainted with the detailed instructions.

decorative concrete

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