1.     Cookies are small pieces of text files sent by the server and on the side of the person visiting the website of the Online Shop (e.g., on the hard disk of a computer, laptop, or smartphone’s memory card – depending on the type of device used by the Online Shop’s visitor). Detailed information on Cookies as well as the history of their origin can be found for example at:

2.     Cookies, which can be sent via the Online Shop website, can be divided into various types, according to the following criteria:

2.1. With regard to the provider:

2.1.1.  own (created by the Controller’s Online Shop website) and

2.1.2. belonging to other persons/third parties (other than the Controller)

2.2. With regard to the period of their retention on the appliance of the Online Shop’s visitor:

2.2.1. session cookies (stored till the moment of closing of the Website or a browser) and

2.2.2. persistent cookies (having some expiration period, defined by parameters of each file or until they are removed by hand)

2.3. With regard to the purpose of their usage:

2.3.1. strictly necessary cookies (enabling proper functioning of the Online Shop website),

2.3.2. functional/preferential cookies (enabling adjustment of the Online Shop website to the visitor’s preferences),

2.3.3. analytical and performance cookies (collecting information on the use of the Online Shop website),

2.3.4. targeting, advertising or social cookies (collecting information on the visitor of the Online Shop website in order to display personalised advertisements to such a person and for other marketing activities, including those performed on sites different from the Online Shop website, such as social networks).

3.     The Controller may process information contained in Cookies during visiting of the Online Shop website for the following specific purposes:

3.1. Purposes of using Cookies on the Controller’s Online Shop website

3.1.1. Identification of the Service Recipients as logged in to the Online Shop and showing them that they are actually logged in (strictly necessary Cookies)

3.1.2. Saving Products added to the cart to place an Order (strictly necessary Cookies)

3.1.3. Adjustment of the Online Shop website contents to individual preferences of the Service Recipient (e.g. colours, font size, layout) and optimisation of the use of the website (functional/preferential Cookies)

3.1.4. Keeping anonymous statistics presenting the visitor’s behaviours on the Online Shop website (statistical Cookies)

3.1.5. Remarketing, namely evaluating the conduct of visitors of the Online Store through anonymous analysis of their activities (e.g. repeated visits on particular pages, key words etc.) to create their profile and provide them with adverts matching their interests, also when they visit other websites in the advertising network of Google Inc. and Facebook Ireland Ltd. (marketing, advertising and social Cookies)

4.     It is possible to check which Cookie files are being sent in a given moment by the Online Shop website (including the expiry period of Cookies and their provider). In the most popular web browsers, it can be done in the following ways:

4.1. In Chrome browser: (1) in the address bar, click the ’locked’ icon on the left, (2) go to the benchmark „Cookie files”.

4.2. In Firefox browser: (1) in the address bar, click the ’shield’ icon on the left, (2) go to the benchmark „Allowed” or „Blocked”, (3) click the button „Tracking cookies between websites”, „Tracing elements of social networks or „Content with tracing elements”

4.3. In Internet Explorer browser: (1) Click „Tools” menu, (2) go to „Internet options” benchmark, (3) go to „General” benchmark, (4) then go to „Settings”, (5) click the button „Display files”

4.4. In Opera browser: (1) in the address bar, click the ’locked’ icon on the left, (2) go to the benchmark „Cookie files”.

4.5. In Safari browser: (1) click menu „Preferences”, (2) go to „Privacy” benchmark, (3) click the button „Manage website data”

4.6. Independent of the browser used, you can apply tools available e.g. at: or:

5.     As a standard, most internet browsers on the market accept saving Cookies by default. Every person has the possibility to specify the conditions of using Cookies in the browser settings. It means that one may, e.g. partially restrict (e.g. temporarily) or fully disable saving Cookies – in the latter case it may have an impact on some functionalities of the Online Shop (for instance it may prove impossible to go through the Order using the Order Form owing to failure to save the Products in the cart in the course of subsequent stages of Order placement).

6.     The browser settings concerning Cookies are essential as regards the consent to use Cookies by our Online Shop – in accordance with the law, such consent may also be expressed in the browser settings. In view of lack of such consent, change the browser setting accordingly as regards Cookies. Detailed information concerning the change in Cookies settings and their individual removal in the most common browsers is available in the help section of the browser and the following websites (click the link):

·         Chrome

·         Firefox

·         Internet Explorer

·         Opera

·         Safari

·         Microsoft Edge