4 Ways to Decorate Kids Room Using Reusable Stencils

Every kids has different dreams. One wants to become a footballer, the other dreams of a magical world and fairies, and the third one fantasizes about wild adventures in the jungle. Thanks to our stencils, you will easily meet all the requirements of your little one! By renewing his bedroom, you will not only give him an opportunity to develop his imagination, but also create a perfect place for carefree play and pleasant learning. Our offer includes many designs perfectly suitable for arranging a children’s room, thanks to which everyone will surely find something in the range of their interests. What’s more, the different pattern’s sizes in the sets will allow you to create a unique composition, and their repeated use will enable you to repaint the pattern as many times as you want. Stencils are a great way to quickly and easily transform your child’s room into his own little kingdom. Glitter paints? Fluorescent? Or maybe a spray? Make yourself and your toddler a joy! Fill the pattern with whatever you want and create an extraordinary decoration!

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Decorating a child’s room is one of the most difficult tasks for any parent. In this case, it is worth using stencils. Thanks to them, you can arrange the whole interior of your child in its favorite, fairy-tale atmosphere. Fill in the selected design not only on the wall, but also on a desk, bed, wardrobe and other furniture. By repeating the same motif on several surfaces, you will give the entire room an original character and create a harmonious space in which your little one will be able to play and develop every day. Hard bristle brushes, which are perfect for painting wooden surfaces, will surely help you to make such an ornament. What’s more, with the help of smaller sheets, you can also decorate bedding or curtains with the same pattern. Here, smooth sponge brushes, that are perfect for filling such soft materials, will come to your aid. On our website you will find a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to paint a pattern on any surface, and what tools you will need to perform such work.


Want to renovate a children’s room at a low cost? Stencils are a great alternative to expensive wallpaper. Multiple use is their additional advantage, thanks to which you and your child will be able to repaint a given motif endlessly. Just precisely rinse the stencil with water and immediately after drying, it will be ready for the next use. Each set also includes smaller patterns’s sheets, thanks to which you will paint even the most hard-to-reach places. Doing all the work will be greatly simplified by natural bristles brushes, thanks to which you will carefully and with accuracy fill in every, even the smallest element. Don’t limit yourself to just one shade! Our offer includes sets consisting of as many as 4 different colors, thanks to which each child will create their own, multicolored composition. In addition, we have a range of various motifs, such as clouds, dots or honeycombs that will perfectly fit into the room of both a boy and a girl. Choose the right design and create a place where your child will be able to play and develop every day!

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What is your little one interested in? The magical world of fairies? Wild jungle and animals? Or maybe cars and traveling? Our rich offer will surely meet even the greatest requirements of both boys and girls. Each set includes 14 different patterns on the same theme, which, combined together, will allow you to create a coherent and harmonious composition customized to your individual decorating needs. Thanks to such a variety of patterns, you can arrange the entire room in your child’s style! A self-made wall decoration will allow you to fully realize your own vision, it will not cause major problems in creating, and the effect of work will satisfy everyone. Such a rich, multi-colored work will undoubtedly stimulate your child’s imagination and encourage them not only to perpetual playing, but also to constantly develop and expand their knowledge. Stencils give us endless creative possibilities. In combination with other patterns, color variations, and different techniques and articles used to make, you can create a real artwork.


Thanks to the stencils, you can change any interior on a budget. By choosing the right design and using it correctly, you will not only renew the decor that you already got bored with, but also adorn a newly renovated room. However, it is worth remembering that the wall is not the only place where you can fill in a pattern. Our templates will also be perfect for furniture, and the original motif on a wooden surface, glass or tiles will create a spectacular effect in even the most demanding interior. Stencils will also work well with textiles – an unusual design on a T-shirt or any decorative pillow will certainly make a unique impression. To perform such work, chalk or acrylic paints will do their task best, and the whole thing will look attractive thanks to filling the pattern with fluorescent or neon colors. Also remember to clean the surface beforehand and use stiff sponge brushes that you can find in our offer. The right tool is the basis of a well-done job. As we know, there are many different decorating methods. Let your imagination run wild and go crazy with the decoupage technique! The original pattern created using the appropriate product on the wall, furniture or window will undoubtedly fit the tastes of many little enthusiasts of fairy-tale adventures.

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