a touch of the Orient in your home


‘One Thousand and One Nights’, ‘Al-Mamlakah’, the kingdom of luxury, an abundance of ornaments, a mixture of colours - so much can be said about Morocco and even more about the Moroccan Style, which is one of the most colourful trends in interior design. The exotic spirit will work in any interior, whether classic or modern, so that your home decor will never become boring. The Moroccan Style is dominated by ornaments, usually referring to the floral world and all kinds of intricate patterns, openwork, arches and other decorative designs. The pattern itself, however, would not be sufficient without the colours complementing it. This style favours warm colours − from yellow to red, orange and burgundy. Even though a mixture of warm and cold colours seems like a rather unusual combination, it is also very characteristic of the Moroccan Style. That is why we can safely add green and blue accents to some of our arrangements. Details such as glittering gold and silver elements will complement our interiors splendidly. However, the Moroccan Style may become too overwhelming, especially if we opt for a ‘total look’. Because of that, we should be guided by intuition and let moderation be our best advisor. Recreating the interior in the Moroccan Style is not an easy task since the trend is a rather audacious one, full of fancy patterns and colours. Although, when inspired by the climate of Morocco and its inimitable taste, we can get a wholly satisfying effect.


If you have decided to refresh the appearance of your home space or you have just finished renovating it and the only thing left is a touch of decoration, the ideal solution is to choose a stencil. A self-made wall decoration will allow you to achieve your individual vision. Moreover, you’ll have no problem creating it and the results will surely satisfy everybody. Our products have numerous advantages. The price of the stencil is its principal asset. If you want to create some extraordinary decorations, you won’t find a cheaper alternative. The stencils are easy to use, which is why so many people opt for them when they go about decorating surfaces in their homes. All you need is a little willpower, some basic manual skills and vision. You won’t need to call in a professional to use the stencils. Neither do they require any specialist tools – the ones you normally keep at home will most likely do the job. Our stencils have no expiry date. Just rinse them with water after each use and make sure they won't be damaged by improper storage or exposure to adverse weather conditions. The fundamental advantage of the stencils is their infinite creative applications. The only thing that limits a designer is his or her imagination. You can combine them with other patterns, colour variations as well as various techniques and items to make veritable works of art.


Provided they are used adequately, stencils can yield incredible results. You’ll only need the right materials and a little bit of fantasy. The most popular and consistently impressive technique is the so-called “template + paint” patent. While stenciling with paints, you can try using various products, such as chalk, acrylic or glitter paints, special paints with varnish giving a metal/gold/silver/copper effect, fluorescent paints and various kinds of mists, inks or sprays. For more ambitious designers, there is another interesting solution – various types of masses and structural pastes or decorative plasters, which will give a phenomenal bas-relief effect. Our stencils can also be used in fashionable decorative techniques of today, such as scrapbooking or decoupage. Handicrafts enthusiasts will surely make good use of them, creating breathtaking artworks that will be admired for their precision and intricate design. NAKLEO stencils combined with the right material and a little bit of determination, inspiration and fantasy are a recipe for a highly satisfying final effect.


Stencils are an affordable solution that can completely transform the interiors of our homes. Using them in a proper way, we can effectively and originally refresh the interiors that we don’t find exciting any more or add some chic to recently refurbished rooms. Walls are the most frequently decorated surfaces in homes and they look really impressive after the stenciling. However, stencil can also be used in floor painting. They will allow you to cover everything from ceramic tiles to concrete slabs. Wooden surfaces, such as furniture or wall decorations adorned with fancy patterns, may look equally well. They are able to create a unique atmosphere even in the most demanding interiors. Stencils are also suitable for textiles – an unusual pattern on a T-shirt or a decorative cushion will certainly make a great impression. An original pattern created with the appropriate product on glass, paper, the car body and many other unusual surfaces is sure to attract a number of fans.