6 Ways to Create Moroccan Style with Reusable Stencils

The kingdom of luxury, abundant decorations, unusual geometric patterns, a mixture of colors – these and many other features make up the lavish Moroccan style. Elements straight from the heart of Spain, France, Africa, and many other countries create an exquisite, one of the most colorful trends. The combination of a geometric mosaic on the wall with intense shades significantly brisk the room, and clear Mediterranean or African accents give the whole interior an inimitable character. The arrangement in this style is perfectly complemented by lush vegetation, elements of nature, and richly adorned, usually wooden, furniture. Details in the form of shiny elements – gold and silver – will be an additional, perfectly matching complement. In our offer you will find a wide design selection, thanks to which you will wake up the Moroccan atmosphere in your apartment in the blink of an eye. Walls, furniture, textiles, clothes, tiles, accessories – this luxuriant style will find its purpose everywhere. The exotic spirit will work in any interior, both classic and modern, thanks to which the decor of your home will never be suspected of boredom.


Moroccan Patterns of Walls

The most frequently chosen place to fill patterns with stencils is, of course, the wall. It is thanks to the huge surface size that we are able to transfer our entire composition from the imagination to the real world. Characteristic Moroccan motifs are very popular among fans of rich ornaments, uneven geometry and a mixture of colors. That is why, when arranging the interior in such an exquisite way, we choose an eye-catching design on the wall, and subtle accessories and delicate accents create a subdued, but also outstanding arrangement. In our wide range you will find the repeating patterns selection in the Moroccan style, thanks to which you will be able to recreate the chosen motif on the entire wall. This is the perfect way to achieve a wallpaper effect at a low finance. By repainting the same design with an additional, smaller sheet on furniture or decorative elements, you will create a coherent and harmonious space in the whole room.

Paint the Furniture

It has been known for a long time that what distinguishes the Moroccan style from many others, is primarily the decorations abundance. Therefore, many people decide not to limit themselves to only wall arrangement, but also focus on luxuriant furniture ornaments. With the help of stencils, paint, and the right tools, you are able to decorate any surface. As we know, Moroccan motifs contain numerous very detailed elements. Thereupon, to fill such a stencil, especially on furniture, hard natural bristle brushes will be perfect, thanks to which you will precisely fill in every, even the smallest detail. The choice of shade or type of paint depends only on you. However, the Moroccan decor can become too overwhelming, so be careful not to overdo it. In the case of such an unusual style, uneven, elaborated carvings in old wooden furniture will also work great, ensuring their authenticity and a raw look, perfectly matching the lavishly decorated wall.


Textiles and Fabrics

Another surface on which we can boldly reproduce the stencil, are textiles. Thanks to such an original move, you can make even the most banal and classic T-shirt more attractive, and also give a second life to an old, good-quality T-shirt. Due to them, you will replace boring ornaments in the living room with lavishly decorated curtains and pillows. No idea for a birthday gift? The stencil will find its purpose also in this case! Buying smooth, cotton bedding and decorating it with an inimitable Moroccan pattern is a great idea for a unique present that will certainly delight your loved ones, and the process of creating it, straight from the heart, will be pure pleasure. On our website you will also find a sponge brushes set of 5 different sizes, which are perfect for filling a stencil on such a soft, delicate surface.

Use Moroccan Tile Patterns

Moroccan design has also found its purpose on tiles, ranging from ceramic and mosaic, to concrete slabs. Such abundant accents will fit into any interior. A modern, minimalist kitchen will gain an original character thanks to the lavish adornments of the tiles above the counter and the unusual design on the floor. Moroccan motifs will also work well as an unusual mirror frame in the bathroom, and the colorful, timeless patterns above the bathtub will create a unique relaxation zone. By using outdoor paints and with appropriate protection, you are able to create an original atmosphere also in front of your home. A balcony or terrace lined with tiles full of lavish ornaments and colorful mosaics will surely delight everyone, and you will be able to endlessly boast of your self-prepared work. Check out our offer, choose your favorite design, and decorate the entire house in a Moroccan style!

Moroccan Style

Choose the Right Colors

The diverse shades palette is one of the most recognizable features of the Moroccan style. In this exquisite trend reign warm shades of fiery sunsets, such as flaming red, orange and even claret. Details in the form of shiny elements – gold or silver – will be an additional, perfectly complementing such a lavish interior. Quite an unusual, although often occurring juxtaposition in this style, is a mixture of warm and cold colors. A combination of green and blue color scheme works best in this role. When creating such a rich composition, you should maintain moderation, be guided by intuition, and find an extremely important “golden mean”. However, few people know that this trend also has a second, more subdued tint palette. Sand shades, white, or gray, along with crazy accessories and interesting patterns, fit well in such a luxuriant style. Decide which coloring version will suit your tastes better. Start with inimitable patterns on the wall and decorate textiles and furniture. Last but not least, complete the whole arrangement with unique decorations. 

Don’t Forget Accessories

The room arrangement in a lavish Moroccan style would not be possible without the appropriate decorative elements. After all, it is the details that complete the entire interior and additionally emphasize its unique character. Patterned, contrasting rugs and scattered floor cushions work great for this exquisite trend. You can also adorn such decorations using stencils and paint. It is also worth betting on colorful mosaics, which, hung on the wall, will additionally reflect this unique atmosphere. The Moroccan leitmotif can also be emphasized with the use of openwork or metal lamps, geometric lanterns, and scented candles. The whole arrangement will be perfectly complemented by flowers in large, colorful pots and ceramic dishes that can serve not only as everyday use, but also as an ornament displayed on the wall. 

Moroccan Style