4 Tropical Style Design Tips Using Reusable Stencils

Flamingos, pineapple, bamboo, banana leaves or monstera – these are the patterns that cannot be missed while arranging interiors in a lush tropical style. This trend has been reigning at the heart of many decorations for years. It is characterized primarily by large amounts of nature elements, and green is a color that – in this case – will always find its purpose. The tropical shades palette is very diverse. From the aforementioned green, through beige and brown, to the intensive colors of pink and yellow. The greatest advantage of stencils is complete freedom in choosing the tints. Which one you choose is just up to you. Remember also, that the appropriate accessories are the key to achieving a harmonious and consistent arrangement throughout the room. In this exotic style, stressed wooden furniture and plants in large, solid pots will perfectly find its place. Check out our offer, get inspired, and invite warm days to your home!

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Exotic nature, leafy motifs, wooden elements and vivid colors – it is exactly what we associate with the unique tropical style. It is barely a snach of what is related to this timeless trend. Round, made of natural fibers, carpets not only bring an eastern atmosphere to the interior, but also their pleasant touch makes walking barefoot a pure pleasure. It is also worth putting on classic, yet crazy, oriental patterns. Banana leaves, flamingos, palm trees and bamboo vines are just a part of what you will find in our wide range. However, if you decide on some more subtle warm tropics accent, choose undulating lines that give the impression of a wavy ocean on a flat surface in shades of blue, and in tints of beige – dunes and a sunny beach. Such a well arranged wall will be perfectly complemented with accessories inspired by the tropical climate. Figures in the shape of a flamingo or parrots, as well as gauzy, light curtains and pastel pillows will be perfect for this role. To emphasize the warm interior character, choose wooden furniture, bamboo elements and green vegetation. Do you have any holiday souvenirs? Shells and other coastal elements are an inseparable part of the tropics. Don’t hide them in the closet! Show them off and reminisce about the unforgettable moments of your trip every day!


One of the most characteristic features of the tropical style is the well-known green tint, which will always defend itself in this trend. The combination of this color with old-fashioned wooden furniture is a classic that cannot be missed while arranging an interior in such a unique atmosphere. The exotic style is equally well conveyed by sandy shades, which along with the rough surface of the carpet, curtains or decorative pillows add a hint of hawaiian accent to any interior. The tropical color scheme is very diverse. Except for the dominant green, brown or beige, it also includes other, more vivid shades. Don’t be afraid to experiment! The higher the color saturation is, the better and more spectacular the effect you will get. Let your imagination run wild and go crazy with a pink flamingo motif, orange pineapple or a wild tiger on the wall, which will certainly brisk any interior and give an exotic vibe. Filling the stencils in this more subdued, subtle coloring will certainly be easier with the “Tropical Desire” paint set. On the other hand, if you decide on a more crazy composition, in our offer you will also find a set of vivid shades that will undoubtedly help you create an island atmosphere in a unique style!

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Marine motives - tropical style


Do you keep returning to wonderful moments from your maritime adventures? Do not wait and invite the vacation to your interior! Arranging a living room in a tropical style will be a bull’s eye! Its wide range of color scheme, except for the previously mentioned shades of green, beige and wood, also includes a timeless azure. This color with banana leaves, beige shells and sandy shades of decorations will certainly create a harmonious and coherent whole. Jellyfish, sea turtles and seahorses are also an inseparable element of the marine fauna, and the underwater world will be additionally emphasized by the anchor and sailing knots, giving the entire room a unique, maritime character. Are you a fan of the tropics and sea travel? Exotic style and aquatic designs will surely appeal to you! In our offer you will find not only a wide selection of patterns, but also sets of paints with various shades of blue, from pastel to dark navy blue, thanks to which you will create a unique coastal vibe.


Well-chosen vegetation is the key to a luxuriant tropical style. Monstera leaves or banana stems motifs are inseparable parts of every interior inspired by hot summer in Thailand. And what do we associate the most with the tropics? Palm trees, of course! This plant is a “must have” while arranging a house in such a characteristic style. The lush nature elements will find their application literally everywhere. It will be a tremendous idea to decorate the interior with the use of stencils. Banana and monstera leaves, palm trees – these and many other motifs you will find in our wide range. Mix them all and create a unique composition all over the wall. Thanks to self-made wallpaper, your living room will be completely permeated with hot tropics. Stencils will also work well on furniture, especially those made of bamboo wood. Smaller patterns, such as pineapples or frogs, will perfectly complement the entire arrangement and additionally emphasize the exotic vibe of the whole decor. To further highlight this unique atmosphere, it is worth putting on a balcony or terrace covered with ivy. Then, your guests will be able to admire the unique style of the whole interior from the moment they enter.

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